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Just what are bingo wings?

A bingo wing is a tongue-in-cheek term for loose skin under the arms or triceps area of one person, usually a woman, caused by extra fats or loose skin. Bingo wings are more commonly observed on elderly or middle-aged women and overweight people. But these days, when everyone has become conscious about physical attributes and image, the ugly extra skin is given more attention. And a lot of people claim to have one and need to work out both triceps to lose the flab because it is causing them discomfort and embarrassment.

The term bingo wings came about when the motion of the flabby skin resembled that of wings especially when the arms are shaken back and forth. The motion is usually seen during bingo bonanza sessions, thus that part of the body was attributed to that game, too.

As already mentioned, bingo wings are not only apparent to older women. By a stroke of luck (or lack thereof), you just might find yourself worrying about those fatty jiggling skin on the upper arms. There is a myth going around that this is just a phenomenon that happens because one is too lazy to work out the triceps and that the solution is to simply give more attention to arms when exercising. While working-out can help eliminate some of the fats, this observation may not be entirely true. Exercising solely to get rid of loose skin may improve arms’ tone but it will not totally resolve the issue. You also need to address your concern by burning away calories and tightening the skin at the same time.

Fitness gurus recommend swimming, aerobics, boxing and brisk walking among others as physical activities to move the muscles while also burning unnecessary calories. These activities are ideal to provide enough aerobic activity to your body. Remember that with age comes the slow down in metabolism. Moving the body even more will help you burn more fats.

Exercising is just the other half of the solution. Your diet greatly affects body weight and excess fats – this is no surprise. There is not need to totally avoid fatty substances (because the body need them too) but you have to be educated enough to choose helpful fats over those that are not.

Build your meal plan around food that contains silica, an active collagen ingredient that is a main protein promoting healthy connective tissues. Foods that are rich in silica are leafy greens (like broccoli), barley, potatoes, onions, corn and rolled oats among others.

The bottom line is, bingo wings may come with age but you should be wise enough to know that the condition can be prevented and reversed.

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