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Upper arm exercises that can make a difference.

Here are some bingo wing exercises my friend used when banishing her bingo wings. Trying these even a couple of times a week can make a difference. And the great thing here is that no trips to the gym (nor that expensive gym membership) is required. You can do these exercises in your own home with every day items.

Try ten repetitions of each exercise two or three times a week, however please do not over do it. If you can not manage ten repetitions just do what you comfortably can manage and build up from there without doing yourself any damage.

The exercises below suggest starting with a simple bottle of water as a weight to get you started. As your fitness and muscle tone improves you can progress to heavier weights for greater resistance. And of course see your bingo wings reduce as your muscle strength and tone improve as the fat burns away.

Exercise 1

Stand comfortably with your feet apart in line with your hips. Hold a bottle of water in your one hand with that elbow up close to your temple pointing towards the ceiling. Now slowly raise and extend your elbow upwards over your head until just before it locks and keeping your back straight. Do ten repetitions with the bottle in one hand then switch and do another ten using your other hand.

Exercise 2

Sit on a chair with your fingers facing forward and shoulders down. Now gently slide forwards and move your hips in front of the chair lowering your body carefully until your elbows are at around 90 degrees. Keep your bum close to the chair and straighten out your elbows to raise your body upwards as far as you can manage but do not lock out your elbows.

Exercise 3

Get that bottle of water again in one hand. And hold your arm straight out in front of you. Now lift it slowly to raise the water bottle towards your shoulder and take it as far back as you can manage and hold for a few seconds. Start with ten repetitions with each hand/arm. You should be able to “feel” this one working.

Exercise 4

Lie on your back on your bed with your head at one end so that your arms can dangle over the edge behind you. You will need your favourite bottle of water for this one as well. Holding your water bottle in both hands lift it slowly upwards then lower slowly towards the floor.

Exercise 5

You can do this one any time which takes your fancy. Get two bottle of water and sit upright with one in each hand and slowly lift them up and down alternately. Right hand first the left and hand so on.

Just these five simple bingo wing exercises can start to have an effect on your upper arm fat and tone it up. My friend did this together with a sensible diet and did start to banish her bingo wings. Now she is much more confident about herself and proud to show off her nice, shapely upper arms by wearing sleeveless dresses and blouses.

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